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Dinu-Ștefan Rusu

FullStack Software Engineer, founder CodingShadows

Passion driven technology enthusiast, ready to share knowledge about the ins and outs of building quality software. Vast experience in developing entire applications in an Agile manner. Skilled in blazing fast Web Applications and Cross-Platform Development.

Alexandru Hang

Student at FILS, Application Consultant at Oracle

Passionate about software development, mobile and web applications.
Curious about the new technologies and the way in which they can be brought closer to people’s life, for a better tomorrow.

Andrei Dorobantu (Andy)

Student at FILS UPB, English CTI section, in his 4th Year

Passionate about multiple programming languages, game development and technical drawing.
Currently employed at a research laboratory, he makes time to thinker with Arduino gyzmos and Android applications.

Marina Bîrgu

Student at UPB-FILS, Computers and Information Technology in English

I am student at computer science, but also at political science because I love technology and I have leadership skills. I truly believe that tech area will change the world we know today and I can’t wait to have my own contribution in this change! 

Brezeanu Dan

Student at Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

Passionate about computer engineering, security, and embedded devices. He helps younger students get accustomed and passionate to pursue a career in tech.

Renata Alexandra Vasilescu

Student at FILS, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology in English

Her two great passions are IT and art. She participated at lFTC Romania and Nasa Space Settlement competitions.

Mara Chirașcu

FILS Alumni, Master’s student at ACS, research assistant at UPB

Loves teaching, drawing, programming and games. Plans on getting her PhD in order to take the things she enjoys to the next level.

Radu-Cristian Dobre

Student at FILS UPB, English CTI section, in his 3rd Year

The only way to improve is to move forward.
In love with Programming,Game Design and Physics.

Andru-Tudor Badiu

President of Computer Science Groups, IT Manager at DHL Freight

Winner of the 2021 Student Scientific Session 12-6; My best quality is Leadership, while my hobbies are Graphical Design, Python Automation in Traffic Patterns and being addicted to Operating Systems.

Andreea-Cristina Bobe

Student at FILS, Computer Science in English

Former mentor at the last session of Hardcore Entrepreneur Hackathon. Member in Codette organization for girls. Always striving to learn new things related to Object Oriented Programming, Machine Learning and Web Development.

Beti Iuliana Uță

Student at FILS, Computers and Information Technology in French

New to the grown-up world and ready to uncover all its secrets.
As a volunteer for the Students Association she is grateful for all the opportunities that adulthood brings and is eager to be present wherever there is a joyful atmosphere.

Ștefania-Lorena Popa

Student at UPB-FILS, ETTI in French

Enjoys volunteering and opportunities to actively contribute to the training of the next generation of engineers. Passionate about Python and Java as programming languages, and her organizational and public speaking skills make her a remarkable student.

Ioana Dincă

Student at UPB-FILS, Computer Science in French

Ex national olympic at ONLR, I love programming and I’m always looking for the bright side of life.

Timotei Petre

Information Technology Instructor at Punctul IT, Flutter Dev

Fan of mobile development especially Flutter and passionate about new technologies.

Iulia Victoria Vasilescu

Information Technology Instructor at Punctul IT

Passionate about life and loves to craft.

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