Hardcore entrepreneur hackathon 2.0

We believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... 

– Build an app and business that is succesful no matter the crisis –

We are searching for future young entrepreneurs that have ideas that are going to last in any environment, no matter the crisis. Are you up for it?

Who can join the hackaton?

If you are a student from Romania aged between 10-19 years old then this is for you

This hackaton is organised for kids and teens that feel like they have what it takes to be a successful tech entrepreneur. 

What’s the timeline?

We will help you each step of the way…


28th of March – 15th of April

Sign up for the hackaton


9th of April

Participate in the Official Opening Event


10th of April – 8th of May

Participate at our training live sessions


10th of April – 13th of May

Build and send the app, the business plan and the pitch


13th – 20st of May

The judges will decide the finalists based on your amazing pitch, business plan and code.


22nd of May

Participate in the ending festivity and the announcement of all the final winners.

Join us! It will be an amazing journey

Sign up today!

They decide who wins the hackaton

We selected an amazing cast of people who will test the feasibility of your apps and business savyness

Cristian Dragomirescu, Phd

Dean of Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, UPB

Full professor at FILS at the German stream, with expertise in mechanical engineering and Director of the Center for Technology and Management Transfer from UPB

George Dragoi, PhD

Head of Department of Engineering in Foreign Languages, UPB

Full professor at FILS, with an extensive experience in teaching and project management both in Romania and France

Associate prof. Maria-Iuliana Dascalu, PhD

Vice-dean of Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, UPB

Passionate about e-learning research, web development and how technology can be used to improve the quality of life

Florina Potirniche

Director at Centrul Cultural și Educațional Alexandru Marghiloman.

Executive at CCAM. Passionate about education, culture and society growth trough rigurous projects in the comunity. 

Iulia Stănică

Teaching assistant at FILS, researcher and PhD student

Passionate about photography, computer graphics, VR and gaming, always trying to include them in her work.

Robert Brezoaie

Founder and CEO at Punctul IT

Passionate about all things that combine technology, creativity and education. 

Cezara Cristescu

Public figure
fashion blogger & actress

Loves technology, education and has plans with AI work. Influencer and entrepreneur with knowledge of social media, informatics and business. 

Laura Trifan, PhD

Lecturer at FILS

Engineer with extensive experience as a project manager in the economic field for the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Cristian Mustata, PhD

Associate professor at FILS

Passionate about the development of human potential as a sustainable and harmonious way of life, he believes in combining strategic games with managerial education.

Andrei Vasilateanu, PhD

Associate professor and researcher at FILS

Fan of the Java language and passionate about new technologies and their application in innovative projects

Andrei Dicher

Business Development Consultant at Oracle

Graduate of the Engineering and Management specialization in German and Public Speaking trainer

Who is organising this event? 

We are really happy we could form a team of proffesional people who can show you the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and technology

Universitatea Politehnica din București

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Facultatea de Inginerie în Limbi Străine

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Cluburile de programare Punctul IT

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Centrul Cultural și Educațional Alexandru Marghiloman

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Asociația TAB

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L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie

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Departamentul de Inginerie în Limbi Străine

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Join us! It will only take a minute

We would love to see your project start and draw its first breath with the help of our contest